Ade Velkon is a Berlin based fashion label founded by two women in the year 2013. With californian and austrian roots both bring in a diverse background of tradition, handcraft, design experience and aesthetic vision. The label focuses on women’s clothing with a slight hint to androgyny and tailoring.


The approach is a design with easy cuts and a deliberate use of details, mainly by being very selective in what a garment needs and trying to relate the detail to the whole garment. We are developing day to evening clothing collections for woman with a design approach that is grounded and yet sophisticated. The result is a modern and easy design with a long lasting wearability. The fabrics are thoughtfully selected from different local and european traders. Ade Velkon is very careful when it comes to patterns or other transient fads. The fabrics are high quality and all within from Europe. Ade Velkon is sustainable through their design and efficient in production. Ade Velkon designs and produces in Berlin.



Californian designer Molly McDonnell studied fashion design at FIDM in San Francisco. After a 2 year intensive program she finished with

a degree in associate of art. She acquired professional skills as a tailor and more and more defined her signature as a designer

in those years. A few month later she left the states and moved to Berlin to work for a designer and later for a production company.

She has worked 4 years as a freelance in house tailor for a local Berlin street wear label, managed a co-working space in Wedding

and works currently as a creative assistant for various productions. 


Kathrin Kaiser graduated from University of Applied Arts in Vienna with a degree in experimental art. After moving to Berlin

she started working for an international accessories label, worked as Art Director and was later additional positioned as head of communications. Since 2014 she is managing partner at the creative agency I-am-Studio and handling the operating part of the business as well as creative direction. Kathrin develops together with Molly the designs and is responsible for art direction and the brand management.



Its important to have an oppinion on a design. Small details often start to bother very soon. Therefore its good to know which details you really like. The garment should compliment you and fit your personal style. We are happy to advise you in our Berlin store if styling help is needed.



We produce every single garment in Berlin. Every piece has been designed and carefully stitched together by us or our associated seamstresses/tailors. We work with Faktura, a Berlin based atelier, which supports people with a handicap to integrate in a valuable work situation and environment.



We believe in a sustainable lifestyle. Every garment is produced

in Berlin and our fabric selection comes mainly out of dead stock.

Besides our production we are driven to make garments with a long lasting design aspect and not just a temporaty trends.